Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sunday 12th May Morning M/S Session

Sunday screenshots

The Sunday session got under way well with John VK4JMC getting the first contacts Ping rate was average  the ZHR was reported to be around 20 and it was making for some fast contacts Waldis VK1WJ made a few quick contacts as well as VK3AMZ Arie on FSK441 144.230Mhz.

Underdense meteor in 20:12:00 exactly what the text books say it should look like.

VK3AMZ Arie giving reports to Mick VK4NE and Mark VK2AMS

Some AE from VK4UH Kevin

As you see above in 21:07:00 the first burn is a overdense meteor as depicted by oscillations
and the second one is an underdense with high peak and then tapering off 

And Arie VK3AMZ Giving reports again
love the way JTMS decodes and displays the average the "*" indicates Average decode very neat

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