Friday, 10 May 2013

Saturday 11-May-2013 JTMS trials

Well Saturday was humming away nicely with the tail end of the ETA Aquarids. The usual suspects where on
VK3AMZ  The VK3 FSK beacon was strong but had a some stiff competition from VK3II.

I was seeing a lot of aircraft enhanced signals from Kevin VK4UH and also VK4LHD Robert
After a while we moved from 144.230 FSK441 to 144.330 to try JTMS well this mode is very good on both short pings and very loud and long burns as per screenshot of Arie VK3AMZ

As you can see all nicely spaced mind you it was 2 pings if you look at the T column
next screenshot is of a massive burn that was almost half the 30 Second period

So JTMS on 144mhz appears to work well more test's to but I feel that we need to keep this mode on a different Freq than FSK-441 just like we do with JT65 but we will sort it out as we go

Above is this an overdense or underdense ?


Some people say they get a lot of rubbish decodes from JTMS maybe by bringing the 
S value higher may help eliminate some of these rubbish decodes. But more test and trials
over the next few weekends maybe this will open up to 2 morning sessions one for FSK441 
on 144.230 from 18:00 and then from 20:00 on 144.330 JTMS 

And now VK4UH  with some Aircraft Enhancment on FSK441
will have to try a microwave didgtal  mode contact with KJ one day
Not bad considering that KJ is 129 Klm South of me
and @ 173 Deg and I was pointing 190 Deg
The choppy bits are AE but I wonder if the 5.5 Second burn is back scatter from a meteor ??

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