Saturday, 24 August 2013

Using DJ5HG's MSRX parallel with WSJT

I thought I would try DJ5HG's MSRX software.

How many times do you go trolling through the waterfall on wsjt looking for a callsign / report.
Well now this software has the option of looking for patterns and then highlights that pattern as below.
The funny little quirk with this is that you have to click on file to scroll through the options. If you are going to give it try it takes a while for it to decode but be patient. Also remember to have save all on in wsjt.
And also remember this is not a live decode it opens a saved .WAV file from your RX.WAV directory
so it has to wait for wsjt to close the file before it can open it to decode it if you have every period selected that is.

And then there is the repetition that highlights in red

Below is VK5PJ'S ZINGER it was late in the session on Saturday 26th of  October 2013

Below is the comparison between MSRX and WSJT they both decoded OK
But MSRX has that highlight option which I like.
You can clearly see PJ's report to Wayne VK2XN 
Also great to see VK5PJ he must be the only VK5 using M/s Digital on 2m 

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