Friday, 5 July 2013

July 6th 2013

Well Saturday the 6th July 2013
Conditions where good before the M/S session the Hepburn chart,
indicated maybe a path along the coast north of me.
Frank VK4FLR was on the logger so I called CQ in CW 
using Fldigi of course, well when Frank came back to me my headphones jumped of my head.
So a good CW contact was made then we tried just for fun MT63-500
and we made a perfect copy contact using that mode also should try it again soon with Frank.

Conditions are on the up again with quite a few stations being heard 
cannot wait till new tower is installed and pre-amp fitted to my 2x9 element DL6WU's

Below is a screenshot of VK4UH KJ  with the usual AE flutter, but with a 
lovely back ping or reverse ping how ever you would describe it 

Below is a screenshot of VK3HY and VK3AMZ in the same period
Showing that 2 stations in the same area came through on different pings

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